Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our classroom Calendar - Part 2

I finally finished my new calendar. Remember my last post on how I decided to review and update our class calendar? I added another cork board above it. A much smaller one. It is going to be used to focus on the current month, the season and on birthdays.

Again, I insist a lot on the passing of time in our classroom. I think it is very important for the children to be able to visualise where they are in time. One thing that always catch their attention is their birthday. They often ask me how far their birhday is. So in order for them to get the concept, I use month cards: they are colourful, attractive and their drawings represent a theme usually associated with the month in question. I have them up on the wall in chronological order. Above each card, I have placed the pictures of the children born in the month. 

Not that many photos yet... Wait that the school starts!!

In September for instance, I will take September card down and will place it above my calendar with the photos of each child whose birthday is coming soon. This leaves a gap on the wall, indicating how far we are gone in the year and how many months there are left til the end of the year or until their birthday.

What else do you do in your classroom  (or at home) to show your children the passing of time?

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