Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh Happy days....

And the fun continues with our new playhouse! We had a cut one of the big branches overhanging the preschool as it used to bang dangerously against the roof on windy days. I asked my husband to leave the pine cones behind for the children to pick up today. The kids ran to the playhouse and started pretending that they needed pine cones to make a fire inside. So much laughter! So much noise! Great imagination, great role playing! Some of the kids were in charge of collecting the pine cones while others prepared diner. But a (pretend) fire started and they had to call firemen! Help, Help!! To the rescue!! It was so good to see them all playing together as a team. They all contributed to the script!! I am so glad I invested in this playhouse! So glad.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our preschool 's new tree house

Yesterday, I told the children that when they would come back the next day, there would be a surprise for them in the garden! OMG!! Kids got so excited. They started trying to guess what it could be.. a see-saw... a new swing? One little boy even thought that the men were building a spaceship so that they all could go to Mars to meet aliens!!!!

And then, it became obvious this morning:  "we 've got a new a tree house!!!!".

building in progress

the first 5 reaching the playhouse!! Hurray!!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Learning about Springtime

It is supposed to be spring here and yet, at times, it looks like winter! Yet, we have started our nature studies and it's a slow progress as, for one, plants are slow growing, bugs are barely appearing and what am I to show the kids??? This is what we have achieved so far: 

First of all, we learn about the difference between "plants" and "animal" and the children used the worksheet below to summarise our discussions a circle time: they had to cut out the pictures and classify them. 

Next, we planted runner bean seeds. Kids were so excited!! We waited for a good sunny morning to do a bit gardening and waited for nature's little miracles!  Unfortunately, only half of the seeds turned into a plant!! It was a bit disappointed for some of the kids. So, we are working on another little gardening project to make it up! The idea of the glass jars was to show the children how the roots appear first under the ground!! 

And then we also made paper little flowers just for fun! 

As the children lhad earnt that some bugs hibernate during winter and come back to life in spring, they took it upon themselves to try to wake them up one morning! But first, they had to find some! and my clever bunch knew exactly where to look!!

This brought us to talk about food.... bugs are food for birds!!!! And we started observing the ones who keep flying in our garden. We are using a book called "First Book of garden Birds". This is a beautifully illustrated book depicting birds in details with very simple and useful information about each species!
 I love these spontaneous studies as I call them. The children choose what they want to learn and create their own little curriculum. One child described the bids' claws as "feet" and this prompted us to talk about the different parts of the body of a bird. The children learnt about using the appropriate words and I gathered our learning into a little booklet as you can see below.

This is the template the children used to create their own booklet.

These are the children's booklets ready to be filled and coloured.

This led us to use our hand to draw different types of birds. Imagination is great: great blue tits, sparrow, peacocks, turkeys etc... Cute, aren't they?

More about nature and gardening.. so keep in touch!