Saturday, November 12, 2011


I took a few photos of what is new in our classroom and of the most popular activities we have at moment in school. Have a look:

  1. Mushroom dabbing
I got some bingo dabber in the shop last week (I had been looking for them for some time and got lucky!)

We are still talking about harvest time but we have moved on from pumpkins to mushrooms. So I drew a plain mushroom template for the kid to colour. The I showed them how to use the dabbers to make dots onto the hat of their mushrooms. Oh my God! They were QUEUEING for this activity:

I laminated the finished product, cut it out, punched a hole on the top and added a string on it. Great little decoration!.

2. Punching activity

I have had this puncher for a while but I had put it back in the cupboard as the children were not that interested in it anymore. It is now back again on the shelf and the kids love it (for another while!!)

3. Practical activity

Now, the children are getting such a kick out of this exercise. They spray a bit on water on the mirror and have to rub it off and polish it. What fun!

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