Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Bonanza!!!

Holidays have started!! I have TONS of things to do during these next 2 weeks but first thing first. I want to share with you what we have done together last week.

I was looking for a new craft project to do with my children. I can't remember where my inspiration came from but I googled polka dot fabrics and printed a few of them. I then glued a oval shape in the centre of my patterned sheet and laminated the whole lot. I showed the children how to place glue inside the oval shape and then apply buttons of all sorts on it (making sure to stay inside the shape). Choosing the buttons one by one was the real thrill for the children and they really focused on the exercise.

This is what it looked like once it is dry (I have to say that it actually looks much better in real. The photo is not really good!).

I punched 2 holes at the top of the laminated card and laced a white rubbon through .. and voila!! 

What else? Well, Easter wouldn't be Easter without our traditional Easter tree:

And we went for our Easter egg hunt too. But before we could look for eggs in the garden, I explained the children that I needed them to turn into little bunnies to do the job properly. "But we are children.. we can't turn into rabbits!" exclaimed one little boy, despair in his voice! So I showed them what I had prepared the night before with a bit of card paper (blue, pink and white), double sided tape, scissors and....  patience:

Bunny ears!! Blue for the boys and pink for the girls!! I just had to staple the headband together after measuring their little heads. Look at some of my little bunnies:

Can you find our eggs?

And of course, we made our little easter baskets:


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