Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Settling down into a routine

The first few weeks in September are always a time to settle down and get used to the new rules and the new environment. This is also a time during which children get used to one another and get to know one another. So we are taking it easy and the children are discovering or re-discovering new games or materials.
I had this simple game last year in our classroom. I cut an opening in the plastic lid and children loved sliding round tokens made out of cardboard. I decided to print the children's faces and laminate them all. I then cut them in a circle. The children are now using these instead of the old cardboard tokens. This is very popular as they love looking at their own pictures and really enjoy recognising their friends on the tokens. This is a nice way for them to learn each other's names too. And this help the children to eercise their fine motor skills in preparation for writing. They have been shown how to grasp the laminted tokens between their thumb, middle finger and the index.
Here is another activity on our Practical life shelf that is quite popular among the boys. I bought several new locks and voila.. Great practice for these little fingers! 

More activities on our Practical Life shelf: hammering

At the moment, our jigsaws in our science corner are very popular. The children sit together spontaneously by group of 3 or 4 and pick /exchange these jigsaws and comment a lot on what they see. Brilliant exchange of knowledge!!

And of course, what would we be without our play dough!!! This is such a fun activity !

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