Wednesday, October 4, 2017

5 Autumn Golden leaves high up in the tree!

Another year... another season.. And this is actually my favourite season (I think): Autumn time!! I love the colours, I love the themes.. So I re-introduced all the bits and pieces I use to decorate our classroom every year:

our autumn tree

moss and leaves i gathered on my nature walk in Ballycross Apple Farm

sticks, fern, nuts, pine cones and my little squirrel

Apple and conkers (chestnuts)

my Autumn posters

All our good books featuring Autumn

And Jack the scarcrow ( a bit early for him but I Love him and "He" cheers up the classroom so much!!)

We started by reading one of my favourite books: The Leaf man by Lois Elhert. It's the journey of a character made out of leaves across the country. The book is beautifully illustrated and captures the children's imagination.  Each picture depicts an animal a vegetable or a landscape created entirely out of leaves. Very clever!

Leaf Man (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards))
So we created our own little characters out of leaves too! The children love this activity. They simply choose 2 or 3 leaves, glue them carefully onto the page and then decide what they want them to become! We did this exercise last year too and it was so popular that I had to do it again.

At circle time, I have introduced a new song called "5 Autumn golden leaves". This allow me to introduce a bit of a maths as we count backwards:

5 Autumn Golden leaves
High up in the tree
The wind blows
The leaves shake
And 1 falls down to me.
Falling, falling down
falling to the ground.

And today we did "leaf printing".. Nothing very original here but again, this is a very popular pre-writing activity, which develops concentration and fine motor skills.

There is so much more to do. I have a lot osf things planned.. So keep in touch!

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