Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HaPPy hAllOWEeN .........

It's Halloween tonight!! Booooo.... There are going to be plenty of little monsters trick or treating tonight and beware. If you don't have anything nice to give them, they may start singing: "trick or treat! Smell my feet. Give me something nice to eat! If you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your .... underwear!!!". So hold on to your breeches lads!
This past week in classroom, it was all about Halloween. As seen in my previous post, we started with the carving of the pumpkin. And then, we had art & craft, singing and dancing and  games. Of course,  we finished by our annual Halloween party. I thought I would give you just a quick glimpse at what our classroom looked that:

As you can see, a hge spider web had grown overnight in our netrance hall. Spooky!

And Winnie the Witch was even there!

And she brought with her one of her friends: hairy pumpkin dude!

We painted the children's feet and look at your cute "smelly" ghosts:

Then last Thursday, we had our party. I had a few treats prepared for the children. Don't you like the lollipop pumpkin-holder?


And I spent the evening before making these cute little candy bags for the children with our traditional bat clip! They were very popular!


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