Friday, January 18, 2013

Clever Little Snowmen.....

For this post, I am referring you to an activity we did last year with the children. Have a look here. What is it about? in a nutshell, I precut white circles and write letters on them. I also precut hats for snowmen. The children must find the letters of their name and place them on a blue sheet in the correct order. This is quite a cute pre-reading activity. But be well prepared in advance and be patient. The cutting part takes a while and the children really take their time when gluing the circles down! So plan your activity well if you don't want to be overwhelmed. I chose a quieter session with bigger kids and had everything organised in different containers (circles in one, eyes in another, hats in a 3rd one, scarves in a 4th ...). You will also need a lot of room as you need to spread all the circles with the letters on a table to allow the children to recognise their letters. 

This year, I added a  little twist to the exercise and asked the children to count the number of letters in everybody's names. Names which had the same amount of letters were placed on top of one another. . One child placed the sand paper number cards under the names and then the children placed them in order from bigger to smaller. They were able to see straightaway whose name was the longest or the shortest. The children kept undoing their work and redoing it and this was great fun to watch them working as a team! 

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