Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tell me the continents...

Geography is a huge part of our curriculum. Children's queries about the world show that the interest and the curiosity towards geography emerge at early ages. I think it's really important  to encourage children's  curiosity and their enthusiasm for exploring their environment. Geography teaching makes  children more sensitive to their surroundings and to other environments and cultures. Besides, Montessori education helps children develop an understanding of their place in the universe.  In fact, Montessori education is often called a "cosmic education."  To this end, children are presented with the big picture first.  One thing that I like to do early on in the school year is to teach the children the "continents song" at circle time.  And I know some of you, parents, are smiling right now, as many of you have told me that your little ones keep singing the song again and again!! While singing this, I have the continent map in front of me or the globe ( or a laminated map) and I point to the various continents as we sing them. 

Once they have been introduced to the map, I let them practice the names of the continents by using three part cards. The children learn to associate the names of the continents to the shapes and colours. 

Today, the children made their own little folding booklet to bring home. I had prepared the Booklets beforehand. Using the template of the 3 part cards, they reproduced the pattern. This was such a popular activity!! The children were so proud to bring them home! 

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