Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Round and round we go...

Emergent writing skills is such an important step for young childre. It's the time when they develop literacy and language-arts abilities. As children move from the toddler and preschool years to bigger classes, they move through stages of colouring, scribbling, mock handwriting, tracing etc... 

Preschoolers should be able to choose from a variety of different "writing" materials and activities. Pencils, wax crayons, paint, chalk etc.. Try using shaving cream and see the fun!! Or finger painting as we often do in our class. During these activities, children develop crucial fine-motor skills and coordination abilities . And the new activity I am about to talk about is one you can use to help children build their confidence. Here is what I have introduced to our classroom: a new pre- tracing exercise. This year, some of the younger children are struggling with any pre-writing activities we have introduced them to. This exercise requires patience and concentration and teaches them to follow a shape or a design very carefully to create a "piece of art". So I drew a few shapes on black paper with a white crayon, laminated them and place them in a tray with a basket of buttons. The children were quite interested in the activity and here are some photos to prove it.

The list of materials that can used here is endless: buttons, shells, pebbles, dry beans, chick peas... anything at all really... As for the design, just let your imagination go wild!!!! So easy to make, and shoe fertile when finished!! And kids love them!!! The children are currently gluing buttons on a black sheet and will be able to bring this craft home to show their parents. I will update this post with a few photos when they are all ready.

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