Sunday, May 1, 2016

Learning French in the classroom

Over the past few weeks, I have started teaching a few words in French to the children in my classroom. The response from the children was actually quite amazing and I never expected them to take to it so well and so easily. I used the format of our circle time to start teaching them how to say hello, good-bye, "my name is.." and at the moment we are learning numbers.
To make it more interesting and to enrich the learning experience, I started researching the web for resources or ideas And I thought "why not sharing it with you all"?

French Learning programmes

There is actually much meaningful resources out there unless you are ready to spend money on programme such as:

Muzzy (more geared towards the home learning environment)
Professor Toto (a cartoon character that engages and speaks to children).

To be honest I am not interested personally into these programmes but they might be what you are looking for. The idea for our setting is not for the children to become fluent in French but to explore another language and open up their mind to the world around them. It is also a nice extension to our geography study on the continents.

YouTube videos

Below are a list of  YouTube videos for pre-schoolers which I started using. They might sound boring to you but believe me the children do like them. They reinforce what I teach them in an interactive and fun way.
  • French greeting songs

  • Counting in French

Needless to say that the best thing to do is to try using the greetings and the numbers as often as possible throughout the session: greet the children in French when they arrive, wave them good-bye in French, count how many children are standing on the line in French etc... or even using the Montessori sandpaper number cards, apply the Three-period lesson to help the children remember the numbers in French.

Easy Songs and rhymes

Expose the children as much as possible to the sound of the language.

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