Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crafts for Easter

To celebrate Easter, the children made little Easter baskets today.
I used a hard white card sheet to make squares. The children dabbed their fingerprints into yellow, pink and green paint and then onto the white sheet. I then cut the sheet as seen below:

We then got some colourful nylon laces and plaited it to create the handle of the basket.  Add a bit of green crepe paper cut up in stripes, a few chocolate eggs as a treat and a cute little chick! Et VoilĂ !!

And we also made some very special rabbit ears.. just for fun! And a bit of face painting too to celebrate Easter.

Enjoy your Easter holidays everyone!


  1. I love the baskets - especially the finger-printing. What a great way to make it truly personalized!

  2. Love these baskets! Adorable! Happy Easter! : )


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