Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gardening Time

Today was time for planting! I had been promising the children we would do it this week and was I glad the weather was so favourable to outdoor activities!! So out we went in the fresh air. Gardening encourage children to experiment and learn, to build a love of nature and stimulate their social interactions as they compare, describe and show each other what they are doing or what they can see.

Today, we started with planting runner bean seeds. They will be able to bringtheir little plant  home in about 2 weeks and watch grow and grow and grow. I gathered glass jars and clear plastic yogurt pots for the children to fill with soil. Each jar was carefully labelled with their respective name.

A bit of good old Irish soil.. Ready? steady? GO!

They were so focused on what they were doing. I love doing this activity with them! It is so rewarding. And there is more on the way as I am preparing a little patch for them to plant flowers, sunflowers, gourds and pumpkins. We will grow them inside first and then transplant them outside. But this is another story. Keep in touch!

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