Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An apple for teacher!

This week, I introduced the theme of Autumn time to the children. I prepared our nature display carefully and put up lots of laminated posters all around the classroom for the children to look at and inquiry about them. As we have started our theme by talking about harvest time , I have concentrated on pumpkins, apples, berries, pears, shesnuts, conkers, acorns etc.. And I also added leaves to our display tree to make it more real.


We are focusing a bit more on apples this week and believe me, talking about apples can keep the little ones  very busy as well as teach them about a variety of subjects including agriculture, the seasons and more. Today, I asked them where apples came from. Guess what? Most of them shouted: TESCO!!!! OK. Time to read a book:

                                              How Do Apples Grow? (Let's-Read-And-Find-Out)

Great book. A bit complicated, I admit but I usually skip the hard parts and simplify the text as I read along. The children loved it all the same. So, our next move was to make an apple. I got the kids to color the template of an apple (both sides). I laminated all of them once they were finished and cut them out. I punched several holes around the apple and asked the children to lace a red woollen thread around it. Lacing provides excellent small motor exercise, helping children learn to manipulate and control objects with their fingers. And
children love the back and forth action of threading yarn

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  1. Conkers? They look cool. We don't have those here. Hmmm, must Google them!

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