Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Best Part of Me

Remember my post about The Best Part of Me last week? Well, the children have once again surprised me.. They came up with brilliant answers and ideas were fusing across he room. The idea of making a little book about themselves really captured their attention. I am putting everything together and I should be able to show the end result to the children and the parents by Monday. But for you all, here is a glimpse at what the children came up with:


I like my mouth because I can use it to eat my favourite sweets (coke bottles, pig faces) and sausages. I love sausages. They are my favourite!!


I like my hands because they are small but they move all the time. And my hands like playing with cars and me too!


I like my ears because I can listen to music. And I can listen to the telly too. And can you see my pretty earrings? My mammy bought them. They are nice and I  like them a lot.


I like my eyes. They are blue and I can see lots of things with my eyes.  And I like wearing sunglasses when it is sunny. I like to watch telly too with my eyes.


Well… I think my feet are the best. Because I like to kick the ball and splash water with my feet when I am in the bath or in the swimming pool. Mammy doesn’t like when I splash but I like it. And sometimes, my mammy puts nail varnish on my toe nails. And it shows when I wear my sandals when it is hot!


Do you know that my eyes are green? I love green. And pink too! But you can’t have pink eyes! I like my eyes because I can see stuff with them, and I can sleep or blink. And if I didn’t have my eyes, well, I would be sad because I wouldn’t be able to watch Dorothee and the Wizard of Oz.. and that’s my favourite!


The best part of me are my legs. I wiggle them, stretch them and bend them because I have knees. I can jump, run, walk and ride my bicycle. I run much faster than my little brothers  Sam and Max because my legs are longer and stronger. There re bones in my legs!

I love this project... I love my job!!


  1. Adorable! Such clever answers.I don't think I could have gave you better answers than those myself.I like this is on my list for next month activities.
    Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration.

  2. This is beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous! What a wonderful idea! Families will surely treasure these pictures for years to come. You have captured the essence of the children's thoughts and feelings! I am so stealing this idea for next year! : )))))))

  3. Beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing


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