Saturday, September 3, 2011

OUr new SPHE corner

This first month at preschool is crucial to the establishment of positive dynamics in the classroom. And during that month, the emphasis is usually on the SPHE curriculum (soical, physical and health education). The curriculum is structured in such a way as t treat the dimensions of a child's life holistically. It aims at developing value, attitudes and skills important for a child's health and well-being as well as giving him/her the tools to deal with any situations he/she may encounter in a classroom, at home or out in the community. Because SPHE permeates all aspects of school life, the program is usually implemented all through the year. Depending on the objectives needed to be achieved,  they may be introduced through a book, an art activity, a specific exercise on the PL shelves, a group game etc... and through the everyday happenings in the school and in the context of the classroom atmosphere.

To the purpose, I have added a SPHE corner in our classroom. 

The tree will help me to represent all the different seasons and the concept of the changing weather. Of course, as the corner is new, I have been able to gather all the materials I would like. Not yet.. At the moment, this is where "official" materials can be found:

cards about the 5 senses

dressing up teddy bears
a game differentiating the tools used by various professionals

Joey Magnetic Dress-Up Playset
dressing up game

Yet, the whole program is presented in a number of strand units that can be approached and studied informally through a wide range of activities across the classroom:

  1. Myself ( self identity, self awareness, taking care of my body, knowing about my body, food and nutrition, feelings and emotions, safety and protection)
  2. Myself and others (Myself and my family, my friends and other people, relating to others)
  3. Myself and the wider world (My school, my local community, the different continents)
And as I said at the beginning of this post, our first few weeks at preschool are going to be closely linked to several aspects of the SPHE program. Aspects which I consider essential to establish the foundations of our little "community" and a sense of belonging in our classroom. I wrapped all of these aspects in a monthly theme titled "All About Me" and I will dedicate 2 to 3 posts on the subject. SO keep in touch!!

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