Friday, September 23, 2011

The Helping Hands!

Starting the year, one of my main focuses is to build the sense of community or team work among children. As I mentioned earlier on this year, we work introducing general grace and courtesy of our environment. One thing we also do  as much as possible is to direct the children to reach out to each other when they need help or a partner. So to further kindle a feeling of togetherness among the children, as well as to bridge our book The Kissing Hand with our work team concept, I invited the children to make handprints on a plain white sheet of paper. Each child chose a colour (blue, green, yellow or pink) and made a print on the page. I then wrote their name below it. The effect is fantastic!! It is simple but effective as one little clever young man exclaimed proudly: "We made a patchwork with all our hands!! That's because we are all friends!!". So young and so aware. All my efforts were rewarded today!!

One more sheet to go and we will be finished!


  1. So cute!! Love all the little hand prints!

  2. We did something like that last year and we just them out and joined them all together in a row and then into a circle and called it circle of friends

  3. Wow ! What an Amazing and very informative Post. I love it and totally appreciate the information that you took the time to share with us. Thanks so Much !


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