Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Continents and Oceans Maps

As part of our study on geography and the world around us, I have been teaching the names of th oceans to the children in our classroom. It is quite interesting to see how eager they are to learn more and more and to understand what goes on around them.

I made a Continents and Oceans map, using white A4 sheets and laminating pouches. I traced the map of the world on both sheets, coloured the continents according to the Montessori coloured globe and the oceans in blue.

One map has the names of the continents and oceans written on the map (Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Arctic Ocean). The second map is blank and comes with name slips. This is a matching exercise as the children cannot read yet of course, but this really helps them recognising letters in sequence. This is a teacher guided exercise too which means that I read each word on the name slips for them before they try to match them.

This is a simple exercise that really forces the child to concentrate. It reinforces his knowledge of the continent too and gives them a great sense of achievement once they have completed the whole exercise. 

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