Sunday, May 13, 2012

On our Practical Life shelves this spring

I thought I would share with you a few neew Practical Activities we are doing in our classroom. Nothing you haven't seen already but the children took to them very quickly and they have become some of the most popular exercices on our Practical Life shelves. These types of activities are brilliant to develop and enhance fine motor skills (pincer grasp) and hand-eye coordination as well as patience!

The following is NOT a new activity but I have changed the bolts and nuts and the children are once again being challenged.

Our new activity: grating soap! I got a mini grater in a hardware shop and voila! They like the smell of the soap so this is also a sensorial activity as they love talking about the smell and feel of the soap. They also described what they feel when they run their little fingers along the grooves of the grater!

The following is a DIY exercise I ut together quickly. I pierced the plastic lid of a container for the children to be able to fit black pie clearners into. Once the children have completed this part of the exercise, they must use the bits of drinking straw I gathered in a small basket. They need to slide them down along the pipe cleaners. I never expected the children to love this activity so much, but they do!

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