Monday, June 18, 2012

Ocean theme

10 days away from our summer holidays.... Where has the time gone?  I surely can't believe it! Anyway, last week and this week, we’ve been working on our Ocean unit. Things are looking good. The kids are loving talking about sea animals. Talking about the ocean and beach is really getting them amped for summer. Me too!!!

I added a few activities to our practical life shelves to complement our unit:

I got the glass fish shaped dish at the field day the other day and I knew straight away what I was going to use it for. A great transferring activity to refine motor skills.

And I also found this scallop dish!!! The kids were instantly attracted to the exercise and kept admiring the dish! I could have used real scallop shells but this was so much more effective!!

In Maths, I also introduced new exercises to the children (3-4 years olds):

A pattern game using cards I made up using my clip Art board.

A counting game from Pre-K

And we have also been using flashcards from Montessori for everyone:

                                            Types of Fish Nomenclature Cards                                                

And of course, we did a bit of art & craft. The children used sponges to create an ocean on white paper. Then, we traced their hands. They cut their hands out (with some help) and coloured them. We then glued them on their ocean background and I love the end result: a smily octopus!!

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