Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Superwoman will be back soon!!

Ok, I have  absent for  while. Between camogie matches, basketball matches, drama shows, kickboxing lessons, piano lessons and athletics, I haven't had a minute! And these activities aren't mine!!! I literally have to split myself between my 4 kids!! In the meantime, I also have to keep the house clean and organised, cook dinner, do the laundry (though my eldest daughter is a great help), as well as do night classes for a Child Protection Course and finish my assessment on my Equality and Diversity course. And of course, I am currently working on the children's end-of-the-year portfolios!!

Anyway, I AM going to catch with everything we have done. I will be writing a few posts over the week-end. So come back and have a look! Thanks for your patience...

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