Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Welcome to our classroom!

A few days ago, Sasha at To The Lesson was asking me if I had any more picture of my classroom. I realised it was high time I updated my blog and today I went to take a few pics of what my preschool looks like at the moment.

This is what you first see when you pass the preschool front gate:

Here is our tiny tiny litlle hall when I welcome all my little children. You can't really see, but we have pegs all around the walls for the children to hang their coats and belongings.

This is what you see when you walk into the classroom:

On your left as you enter, you'll see our lietracy/language corner:

You wouldn't be able to see our art corner when you come in, but here it is, right behind you:

On your right (as you enter the classroom), we have our geography corner and the paractical exercise shelves:

Our jigsaw sehlving units faces the PLE corner:

Behind the jigsaw shelves, our little book corner and circle time area:

Here is another view of our book corner. See one of our sensorial shelves there too.

Our cultural/science area:

And our Maths corner:

I hope you like it!!!
As the classroom was initially built to fit in with the Montessori methhod of education, we don't have any role-play/fantasy corner. I personally believe that if I was to add such a little corner, it would benefit the children tremendously. The benefits of role play are endless but I think I will have to dedicate a full post on this topic. So until I can add an extra room to our classroom, what I do is work with boxes. I have a box for cars and small people, a box for dressing up and a box for pretend play with doctor set, tea set, teacher set etc... We don't make them available at all time but we use them to compliment or add to a theme, a story. And when it rains outside, we get the boxes out to have a bit more fun inside!!

Finally, here is our outdoor area... Keep in mind that we are just getting out of a long dull winter. Not much colour yet in the garden but that will change quickly. Just bear in mind that the trampoline is NEVER used by my preschoolers. Neither is the tree house. Too dangerous. But they have access to the rest of the garden. They even have access to our wooden decking with their tractors, their bikes and their cars. It is situated on the left hand side of the sand pit but I forgot to take a picture this afternoon!!! The children love the garden and they should be able to make the most of it as the good weater returns. I have also lots of little fun activities planned ... And I am hoping to add a few little crannie here and there to encourage oral language, role play and discoveries.  Keep in touch..


  1. It is beautiful! I love all the wood and the vaulted ceilings. Thanks so much for sharing. Did you design the building as well?

    1. Yes, Sasha. The building was made specifically fie the purpose of the preschool. But to tell you the truth , there are do many little things I woyld love to change.... Never happy hey??? Thanks for your lOvely comments!

    2. Note to myself: typing a message on my iPhone and not proof reading before sending it is a bad idea!!! too many type errors!!!!!

  2. What a beautiful space! I love all the wood.

  3. You have a beautiful classroom...I'm so jealous!

  4. How did I miss this post? WOW! Your classroom is as fabulous as I thought it would be! I love all the natural wood and the windows, not to mention all the materials! It looks inviting without being at all cluttered. And your outdoor space looks great! I can't wait to see what it looks like once your plantings really get going!

    Again, wonderful space - for a wonderful teacher! Hmm, maybe I can find some grant money to come and study with you. How great would that be? : )

  5. Hi Aude- your classroom looks so homey! All the wood makes it look very inviting. ~Mandy, from Ireland- teaching Montessori in the Virgin Islands


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