Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Getting ready for Easter

Another 2 weeks and we will be starting our Easter break!!! I can't believe how fast it's going!! The children have been waiting for me to put up our few Easter decorations up and when they came today, they were delighted to see our Nature table decorated with a few rabbits, a miniature Easter egg tree, chicks, egs etc.. And did I think of taking a photo? Nope..... I will do it tomorrow. Promise! However, I took a few pictures of the new activities on our Practical Life shelves.

This 1st activity is soooo cute! I found the 2 egg holders and the fork/spoon on sale in a thrift shop a few month ago and I had to get them.. Straight away, the children were attracted to this material and they never stoped commenting on how real the egg holders looked!! This is just another spooning exercise but it is so popular!! It can be a bit tricky as the spoon the children are using is flater than normal spoons, which means they have to have a very steady hand in order to avoid spilling any of the Easter decorations I placed in the egg holders.

Here, we have a transfering exercise using tongs (the children transfer little wooden Easter decorations: rabbit, chicks..)

I added a lot of exercises with tongs to develop their fine motor skills. Here is another one:

And another one. I am using a rubber duck that comes straight from  America ( my dear friend Karen from Little Acorns.. Check out her blog: it is absolutely ind utterly brilliant.. and inspiring!)

And finally, I have added an activity using glue. The children use the strips of colured paper provided, add glue and stick Easter decorations onto their strip. Eventually, I will show them how to make patterns too.

I have a few more things I want to share with you... keep in touch!!


  1. I love your transferring works! Isn't it the greatest when you find something so spiffy at a thrift store? I love that! Especially since I don't ever buy anything like that for my house - we have way too much stuff at home already! : ) That little "broken" egg container and the little spoon are fabulous! And I'm glad you have a use for the little rubber duck too. : )

  2. Great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing them.


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