Friday, March 16, 2012

Mother's Day....

This is a very busy week end for all of us as tomorrow we celebrate St patrick and on Sunday, it's Mother's Day. We were very very busy in class this week, getting ready for it all. The children were very excited about creating something special for their mam. This is what we did:

The children had to glue the lollipop sticks in place, bepatient and let them dry. Then, they had to paint them and learnt to be a bit more patient!! In the meantime, I took individual pictures of them all, printed and laminated them. Finally, the chidren got to choose some little decorative accessories and glue them upon  their picture frame. I added some magnets in the back for mammies to be able to stick the photos of their little ones directly on their fridges.

And the chilren also made cards for their mams.

A bit of pre-cut coloured paper.

The children glued them inside a heart shape traced on a pink card.

Cute, isnt'it?


  1. These are very cute. I am sure all the mothers will love them!

  2. Lovely ideas, Aude! I featured your post and card-making photo in my Montessori-Inspired Mother's Day post at


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