Saturday, March 10, 2012

How two little cuties learnt to say sorry....

The other day, 2 little boys (2 brothers) arrived to preschool a bit late... Their Mam explained to me that they had got into trouble when they decided to crumble their dad's newspaper and tear it all in pieces!!! Dad hadn't even read it yet! Needless to say their Mam asked them to tidy up their mess and to put it all in the fire place... What did they do right after tidying up when Mam wasn't looking anymore? They went back to the fireplace and got the newspaper out, together with all the ashes!!! Monkeys!!!!! Their Mam told them they 'd better find a way to apologise to their dad when he would come home from work.. The 2 boys ket looking at their feet the whole time their mother was talking to me.. It was so cute!

So Rachel and I thought they could make a card to say sorry.. Rachel got a brilliant idea. She got some old newspaper, cut out a heart, crumbled the page and the cut out hearts. The boys glued the hearts on a folded A4 page, and signed their names inside the card.

Could you stay mad at them?  Their dad apparently couldn't!!!

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