Sunday, March 24, 2013

As we part for our Easter break...

Needless to say that this week was filled with excitment as Easter is nearly at our door. The children were full of beans, a bit noisier than usual and I have to say that they were finding it hard to concentrate on anything at all. This is why I more or less drop all on-going lessons and concentrated on fun arts and crafts.
First, we painted chicks with a potatoe (this surely intrigued the children at first).

Then we repeated the activity we did last year: we used colourful buttons to fill in the template  of an easter egg:
Finally, we made our Easter baskets. First I drew the templates of bunnies on card paper. I got the kids to use their fingertips to dot the template. I then added the goggly eyes and drew the bunnies' whiskers and noses. The rest was up to me. It took me nearly 2 hours to make the baskets (using card paper) and stapple the dotted templates to the front of the basket. The basket also needed a handle and a bunny wouldn't be a bunny without its fluffy tail. So I simply glued a cotton wool at the back of the basket. And all I had left to do was to fill the basket with pastel shredded paper and chocolate eggs (without forgetting a few chicks!).


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