Monday, March 4, 2013

More phonics

Remember this post this post last year regarding our pre-reading activities?   The children were practising their sounds by using a box containing items representing words starting with the sounds in question. 

We only went as far as the first box last year, as this was something new to our classroom. And yeh yeh... I am proud to announce that the children have moved on to our 2nd box this week. 

 As i explained before, it is important to understand that at that stage children do not need to know the name of the letters. They just need to know their phonic sound. Most of them will actually have assimilated both name and sound, but this is not  requirement. The children love these phonic boxes and this is such a great reward for me... Believe me: finding objects was not an easy task and it took me a good deal of time and patience! So seeing the box being so well used and so popular makes it all worth it!! 

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