Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mother's day

I know, I know.. I should have posted this weeks ago but I got caught up. Mother's Day was on March 10th and this is what we did with the children
First, using wooden beads and plain pasta, the children made a cute neckalce for their mams.

I had gathered tuna tins and got the children to clip wooden pegs all around. They added a few gemstones on the top of each peg. I had bought a cute fabric ribbon at Home Focus which said "Made with Love" and I decided to use it as a finish touch. I am disappointed as I didn't get a better picture of the end result but I can tell you that the kids were extrememly proud of their little "pot" as they called them. They used it to hold the necklace they had made when they offered it to their mams!!

Hope you all like it!

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  1. Amazing. You're such an exciting teacher and seem to remain very true to the Montessori ethos. I'm pleased to have found your blog and wish I could have done my teaching practice with you. I'm midway through it . . . Wish me luck!

    Anyway, many thanks for your inspirational posts.


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