Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Rock!!

The kids and I were very busy this week during our mid-term break. Between camogie & soccer trainings, orchestra rehearsals and the tops practices, we didn't have a minute. So much for relaxing…. Yet, we managed to grab a wonderful afternoon of rock collecting! Thank god we live by the sea!!

 In between a few drops of rain, we looked for everybody’s perfect rock and combed the water’s edge for some special ones.  It was a wonderful feeling to slow down enough to appreciate the "intricacies" of each little pebble.

When we returned home with all of our treasure, the girls kept their favourite pebbles and brought them to their bedroom, while Stefan and I had a brainstorm: we organise the rocks in different categories just out of fun. This gave me an idea for the preschool and I printed a list of their attributes on a page which I then laminated. Stefan had a go at it.

 I use a little wicker basket to hold our the rocks on our interest shelves. I hope the kids at playschool will enjoy the activity as much as my 4 year old little man did!!! 

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