Sunday, February 13, 2011

Amazing Africa

We are still studying Africa. It is coming to an end though. So before we close for our mid-term break, I wanted to show you what we have done so far.
We introduced Africa to the children by reading Handa’s surprise.

Handa's surprise
 I had a poster illustrating the story that I got from Scholastic.

 After reading the story to the children, we studied the poster. I explained to them that Handa and her friend Akeyo come from a small village in Kenya, Africa. We talked about the similarities and differences in appearance between the children in the poster and the children around us (skin colour, hairstyle, clothing et..). The book also gave us the opportunity to talk about animals who live in Africa. Which one eats grass & leaves, which one eat meat (carnivore/herbivore). It also showed the children which fruit grow in Africa (I had to explain how they come from Africa onto a big boat to Ireland and then onto a truck that delivers fruit to Tesco!!!!!)
The favourite part of the study for the children is when we pretend we are going on a safari! I have binoculars and I pretend I can see some animals. They have to guess which animals I am talking about. Then we have a break in the African grasslands and we take out snacks from our backpacks : mango, guava, tangerines... Yummy yummy. Let's not forget a drink as it is very very hot in Africa. And we check our map to see which route to take.. The children always ask for more!!!

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