Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Science Corner

Last May, I set up a proper science/nature/geography corner in the classroom. However, I was a bit disappointed with it, as I thought it lacked inspiration. I knew that children are  fascinated with the universe. They love observing nature and discovering more about the world they live in. However, my science corner didn't really cultivate the kids' fascination. I needed to do something about it and it took me a while to find what I wanted. I spent a lot of time googling new ideas and read a lot about what the Montessori mehtod recommends in a well-thought and prepared environment. So with that in mind, this is what I came up with. We now have a science corner with an interest centre, a geography shelf, and a nature section.

This is our general interest shelving unit. Children can observe and play with rocks, pebbles, snail shelves, sea shells, acorn, pine cones, wood logs etc...

This shelf is dedicated to nature (zoology and botany).... I stretched it by including a section for dinosaurs (OK, OK... dinosaurs are long dead, but they were animals, weren't they?). Dinosaurs are also part of our history curriculum but I haven't got a history corner yet, as our approach to Time has been more eclectic. I actually will have to create a post on that one.. Included are our Montessori botany and zoology cabinets. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture! But you get the drift.

And finally, our geography section. It is still a bit bare but I am working on it. You can see our Asia continent box on the middle shelf for this month.

Please leave your comments. I would love to know what some of you teachers have come up with in your classrooms. And you, parents, any suggestions would be welcome too!

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  1. looks so beautiful! The childs of you classroom are lucky!


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