Friday, February 11, 2011


This is an exciting day for me.  “Blogging” has changed the way I teach and the way I organise myself. I opened my Montessori playschool in September 2008. I am French and have 4 children of my own (Alice 11, Mollie 9, Nel 7 and Stefan 4). This has been the greatest adventure of my entire life. I have qualifications Fetac 6 in Supervison in Childcare, in Early Childhood Education, Child Development and in the  Montessori method of education. During the past year, I have enjoyed reading the blogs of many other moms with young children, or many Montessori teachers, eager to share their experiences (and failures!! Let’s face it: “Man plans, God Laughs”!!). I have been collecting information and ideas from a variety of sources over the past 3 years, adding to my materials in practical life, maths, science etc.. It dawned on me one day that I should start my own blog.  Why?  I guess because inspiration should be shared and communicated. I am absolutely passionate about the Montessori teaching philosophy but I have tried to “modernise” it. Kids have changed. Needs have changed. I wanted a progressive approach of Montessori teaching.  I have scanned the web for other blogs/sites that feature Montessori education in an attempt to learn and adapt what I learnt during my courses.  It is my sincere hope that this blog will help others learn about Montessori education and how to adapt it to everyday’s needs.  I am also hoping that Montessori teachers from all over the world will share their ideas and experiences to enrich thisjourney in creating a progressive Montessori learning environment. Please send me your comments. Positive criticism is good!So don't be afraid topoint out my mistakes!
 Creating a blog is also a way for me to include parents from my playschool into our curriculum and our programs. As a parent, I know how frustrating it can be when you ask your little one after a day at playschool: “so, what did you do today? Anything interesting?” And all you can get is “no, nothing at all!!”.  I want parents to know what they child is learning with me, what topics we talk about with her etc…  
As you may have understood, I am very new to this blogging thing and I hope you will make allowances for all my errors and mistakes (including grammar mistakes).  So welcome to the rants and raves from a green Montessori teacher!

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  1. This is SUCH a brillant idea!You are right, when the kids come home from school, you are dying to know what they did or learned that day only to be greeted with a shrug of the shoulders and no information & I don't want to hound them about it. Genius Aude!


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