Monday, June 20, 2011

Practical Life Album - Montessori course

I have started my own Montessori course last week. It is an in depth course. Much more detailed than the one I did in the past. I am studying by distance and have a workshop/seminar once a month. Last Saturday was my first one... I wished the day wouldn't end. SO much information, so interesting. I am SOOOO green. I have about 15 assessments to get on with before the end of Septemeber. One of them (the biggest one) is to make a Practical Life Exercises Album. I am so excited about it.The project must include visual evidence of course, as well as an effective description of each exercises.
We have been given guidelines of course but I checked a few blogs/websites to get a better idea of what is expected of me:  My Montessori Journey explains how important these albums are to a true good Montessori directress, Montessori World with excellent detailed presentations, Montessori Primary Guide with very detailed examples (but no photo).

(Photo borrowed from My Montessori Journey)

I can't wait to get going. When you are passionate about something, it is not work but more like a hobby you can't get away from. I won't say it consumes you because this would be a bit too much (let's not be obsessed here). Learning, creating and achieving provide satisfaction, contentment, happiness. Definitely.Each Montessori album are very personal. They must be exact in their contents and very precise. But the presentation, the amount of photos etc... is up to each directress. And this is something that you will keep for ever. Like a second Bible (nearly!).

So, if you have any advice, please I am all ears!!

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