Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome to the blogosphere!

When I decided to create my blog a few months, I didn't realise what I was starting.  Little did I know I was embarking on a great new "adventure", an amazing experience, full of surprises. The community of bloggers is something that first "shocked" me as a newcomer – I wasn’t prepared for the comments, the advice, the encouragements, the friendships. I love connecting with kindred spirits all over the world from my own living room. Don't get me wrong. I have many  very good friends here in Ireland. Women I can count on and who cna count on me too. BFF (as my girls would say). The ones I trust and love dearly. The ones I go out with, chat and laugh with every day. Still,  social media has redefined the essence of friendship for me. There is different types of friendship out there. Friendship which can be nurtured in a different way. Technology has given me and many other women a new tool to meet these new friends from around the world, people who share the same passion (chidren, family and education), the same hobbies (arts & crafts, literature, writing), the same way of thinking (Montessori and Waldorf). And this is not just a surrealist type of friendship. It is a long distance type of friendship, OK, but nurtured in a real life on a daily basis. 
One lovely lady I have recently met throughout the blogosphere is Karen from Little Acorns (who is actually flying tomorrow from America to Ireland!!!). We have been exchanging several comments on each other's blogs. We connected. And then, she offered  - out of the kindness of her heart - to post items for my continent boxes. I never asked. She doesn't want anything in return. She simply offered. Now, what does it say to you? To me, it means I have found a new friend. She also wrote a lovely post about blogging and about meeting me (click here to read the post - Little Acorns). So to you Karen, a big thank you! I hope you have a wonderful time here in Ireland. And to the rest of you, my blogger friends, thank you too for your comments and all the teaching I get by reading your blogs and exchanging ideas.

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  1. Hi Aude
    How good to read this! I love that about blogging. Making friends. Friendships that count just as much 'realife' friendships.
    Best wishes


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