Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sea shells all around

Last Monday evening, we went for a walk with the kids and ended up at the Forlorn Point, picking up shells and rocks I needed for my Father's Day project.

Here are some of the rocks we picked upon the borrow too.

Back in the classroom. The children spread some glue with a brush onto a rock and carefully chose a selection of shells to glue them on:

These paper weight are so easy to make and so effective. It took about 2 days to dry fully but it was worth it. I loved seeing the kids' faces when they brought them home. So proud, so excited!!

And of course, we used the opportunity to learn a bit more about our sea shore (our current theme). I introduced the kids to the word "shellfish" as I showed them what mussels, clams, cockles and scallops looked like. (Thank god for our new fish tank ).They all knew about fish and seaweeds but this term was new to most of them. The idea of having  creatures living inside shells they can  find on the beach was blowing their lttle minds away. "But how do they eat? How do they move? What do they eat?" etc.. The list of questions was endless.. And to know that you can eat them too... Waaaa .

I didnt take a picture of the limpets ... Ah, the limpets.... Kids love hearing facts about animals but finding out that limpets clean rocks (or fish tank walls) by sucking and licking them, that was AWESOME!!! Boys especially enjoy these kind of "juicy" details!

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  1. Please see my ocean unit! You could do it up better than me in Nebraska!


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