Monday, June 27, 2011

Sport Day

Sport Day today!! As part of our graduation party. The children stayed over after the morning session, had lunch together and got themselves all wound up for the races!!! They couldn't wait to get out there and have fun. And we did it very .... professionally. Whistle? Check. Racing lanes? Check. Sport gear? Check.... Ready, steady... GO!!

Girl power!!

Boys rule!

We ran and hopped.

We also did a wheel barrow race (with great difficulty but giggling all the same!!!).

I have to admit: it was the best fun I have had in a while!!! The children were so eager to race. Nobody was really putting any pass on who won.. It was all for the love of the game. We also had obstacle races. They ADORE these types of games and I will definitely introduce them in our physical curriculum next year. What a great way to help them develop their gross motor skills and improve their hand eye coordination too. Fantastic!

Afterwards, we had "chichis" (some typical French sweet treats made out of waffle batter and served in a cone with sugar or chocolate). Yummy, yummy:

And parents tasted some delicious savoury wraps made out of buckwheat served with French sausages (typical food from Brittany in France where I come from):

Then the children were given a medal for their performance during our races, along with a photograph of the children in their graduation gowns and their portfolios. Each child climbed onto a low table to receive their gifts and parents turned into real paparazzi!!!! And then it was time to go home... and on leaving the party, some children glanced back quickly as they stepped on towards a new part of their life (well technically, they still have another 3 days before finishing at preschool!!)

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