Monday, March 7, 2011

Chicks, chicks all around!

My mother used to be a primary school teacher for about 20 years in France before she retired prematurely and started minding children at home. In France, the national curriculum is a bit different than here in Ireland and children as young as 2 and a half are already at school. Long hours for little ones as they start their day at 9am and finish at 4pm. The 2 to 5 year olds are grouped in what the French people call "La Maternelle". There is no such thing as kindergarden or playschool over there (though things are about to change according to our French President Mr. Sarkozy!!). These little darlings follow a proper curriculum to prepare them for the CP (elementary class) where they actually learn to read.

Anyway. All this to mention my mother who is a pit of wonderful resources! She was very crafty and very innovative for her time. Technology was not on her side but she always managed to create very refreshing activities which encouraged the children to grow independent : she more than often had classes with 40 kids and only one assistant!!!!!! What a woman. My wonder woman!

Mam & Dad (July 2010)

One activity that she lately suggested was to create a flip book to teach the children how to draw a chick (to go with our Spring theme). Below you can see how I did it.  I drew each stage and laminated the pages. I presented the activity to the children using a tray, a stack of white construction paper squares and the appropriate markers required for the activity. As you can see, there is nothing very complicated about it and I'm sure many of you have done it before!! But i was delighted with the results and with the interest it got from the children!

And here are some examples of what the children made:

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