Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring cutting activity

You know how much childen love using scissors.. Chop, chop, chop... Clap, clap, clap... This is such a popular activity in our classroom that I thought I would try to diversify it a little bit and make it a bit more fun. So, as Easter is coming soon now, I designed a document with pictures of chocolate bunny rabbits, Easter baskets, Easter eggs etc... The children will cut them out (either following the black line or cutting around the picture if they can) and then glue them onto colourful sheets of paper provided on the tray. Collage is definitely another great favourite here.. So I thought I would kill 2 birds with one stone!

If any of you are interested, leave a comment or send me an email, and I will forward you a copy.


  1. Tres bonne idée, j'aimerais bien une copie! Mon addresse:


  2. HEY I'm very interested in this lesson please send me a copy of the cutting materials at

    1. Hi Anonymous... I have tried to forward the file to you. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Can you resend me your email address...


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