Monday, March 21, 2011

Our geography shelving unit

I recently purchased a new shelf for the classroom. I have now a proper geography corner for the children. It has been very popular and they love the continent maps. I have bought most of the Montessori maps. However, I do not want to overwhelm the children and I have only displayed 3 of them:

the world map with the 7 continent

the map of Asia

the map of Africa
When we start a new continent, I will add another map. However, I will never present more than 4 maps on the shelf as I think the children will get too confused. I know we are supposed to use the control maps to reconstruct each continent. ... But, I have to admit that I cheated a little bit by marking out each piece of the jigsaw onto the background in order to help the child connect the pieces together easier. And to be completely honest, I am learning with the kids!!! I have never been great at geography and I find it quite fascinating to sutdy with the children..
On the middle shelf, we have a memo game using flags of several countries around the world. We also have another memo game with pictures from France and from the UK. The children get to learn or hear words in a different language and they love repeating them out loud!


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