Thursday, March 3, 2011

Studying shells

Here is another activity I have included in our nature corner. I had quite a large collection of shells my kids and I had picked up from the sea shores over the past few weeks. I found some cards on the web (I am sorry but I can't remember where, apologies!) and I thought the kids could use them to do a little classification game. Basically, the children have to match the shells to the cards I have provided. I had to create my own to match our species here in the South East of Ireland.


  1. Your blog is lovely and your classroom looks inspiring

    I love this activity identifying shells - I am glad to have found you :-)

  2. Thanks Maria... I am actually very honored you took time to look at my site. Your website is full of wonderful activites and fresh ideas.. It is a pit of refreshing resources and I hope you won't mind if I refer to you and your posts on regular basis. Thank you Maria.

  3. This activity is so beautiful. I love "nature activities"!


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