Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pancake day

What a fun day we had today!!! The kids were so excited when I told them we were to make our own pancakes.

Baking/cooking is actually part of the Montessori Practical life activities taught to children. Practical activities aim at promoting the child's independence and increase their confidence. "I did it my own self" as I often hear them say!!! They love doing things that they see grow-ups do at home.

Now, arranging a cooking/baking activity for the children does not have to be a giant undertaking! I might be French but cooking is not really for me... Let's just say that I am ok. I still haven't poisoned anybody in my household and my kids are not starving. But cooking is something I do because I have to. Not because I enjoy it! However, making pancakes is so simple and so much fun!  So we set up a temporary little kitchen corner today (safety being a priority, of course!) and off we went "cooking" our pancakes!

Preparing our batter ( I cheated.... doing it by hand is way too hard!)

Yummy, Yummy!!

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  1. Aude, what fun!! The pancakes look great and I bet the kids loved making them and then eating them :-)


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