Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Continent Swap

Over the past few weeks, I have been sharing, talking and emailing quite a number of very nice ladies all over the world who share the same passion for children, for early childhood education, for Montessori and for Waldorf. It is amazing to discover the amount of talent and ingenuity there is across the world when it comes to create new materials or set up new activities... Thank you all for opening up my horizons as a teacher...

In a previous post, I explained what a continent box was and its purpose. Creating them is a very large and time-consuming task but the children LOVE rooting through them. These boxes are definitely proper hand-on Montessori experiences (when technically, you can't bring the kids to each continent, you bring the continents to the kids..!!).

Well, I am so excited to say that I met a very friendly lady from the west coast of Canada who shares her adventures in Montessori, her wonderful resources and ideas and her cool crafting with the world. After several emails, we have decided to help each other build up our Continent boxes. It is so exciting to be part of this.. I read a lot about this system and it sounded like such a wonderful idea. Women across continents reaching out and helping one another!! It is so simple and yet so amazing!
We have decided to swap as we go along. Purely because it doesn't put any pressure on us this way! But many others have done it before us in a very structured way. Whenever I find something of interest regarding a continent, I email my new friend the details, and vice versa. This is going to save us so much time!


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