Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring 3 part cards

We have been busy this week end, cleaning up our garden to welcome Spring! I love all the flowers we planted around.. A touch of colours here and there.. and voila! The garden looks like it is smiling! This gave me an idea. I want to teach the children at preschool to recognise flowers. So I created 3 part cards. It was my first time doing such a thing.. and I am delighted with the results.

Stefan was my guinea pig. I sat down with him and pointed at all the flowers, naming them. He repeated their names after me and matched each picture (piece of cake, Mam!)

Then Stefan had to pair the names of the flower.

I will introduce the cards tomorrow in class. I will let you know in a comment if the activity was popular among the kids. If you are interested in the cards, please leave a comment or send me an email and I will forward them to you.


  1. I know this a year later...but my son would love to work with these cards. Is there a way to download them? Merci!

    1. Hi Sara... Can you please forward me your email address and I will email you the cards. Thanks for leaving a comment and for reading our blog.

  2. Just saw your reply! Clearly I'm ahead of myself when it comes to planning...we are just now beginning our garden unit. Thank you! And merci!


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