Monday, May 9, 2011

Bolts & Nuts

I have placed another practical aexercise on our shelf this week. It went very well with the children this morning:

I got 5 galvanized bolts, nuts  and 5 washers for each. Each bolt needs to be long enough to hold all 5 washers and still have enough room to put on the nut.

This is a great exercise  to develop the small muscles of the hand and fingers in a new way. It also improve the child's visual discrimination as he/she has to match up bolts, washers, and nuts that are graduated in size. And of course, it provides us with a little counting experience as we need 5 washers on each bolt.

It took the child in the photo a great deal of  focus to do the exercise but her attention  never faltered. And what a smile when she was finally done!!

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