Monday, May 16, 2011

Ribbit, ribbit.....

A few weeks ago, I showed you a flip book I created for the children to teach the how to draw a chick (see post here). The activity was so popular that I decided to make more of these flip books, following a theme or even a story line. As Spring is still on the cards, we've been reading a book about a poor frog unable to catch flies and feeling very hungry (Frog's flicky licky tongue by Jillian Harker). The kids really like this story.

I thought that a flip book would be a great extended activity after reeading the story at circle time.. So I looked for some templates about how to draw a frog and found some on Karen's blog, Little Acorns. I reproduced the head and added a body to it to make it as similar as possible to our little friend in the story.

And this is what the children came up with. Some of them drew 3 of them... They loved it. So don't be surprised, dear parents, if you are suddenly invaded at home by little green froggies!!

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  1. Hi Aude! Thanks for the link. I love your frogs! : )


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