Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Learning about the different parts of a plant

I found a worksheet from Kidssoup about the different parts of a plant.  My little ones cannot write the labels in the blanks  so I decided to adapt it to our needs. I typed the words on my laptop and printed them.

As you can see above, I made a sample which I laminated (so I can reuse it next year again). I am also using this sample at circle time when we talk and learn about the different parts of plants. I have placed the laminated page on a tray along with blank sheets, the labels kids will have to recognise (pre-reading exercise) and a glue stick.

To do this work the child must lay the labls on the paper and then have the teacher check.  Once their work is checked they may glue the labels in place and then color their paper.

To reinforce their knowledge of the different parts of a plant, I also have introduced a little game called "what's missing?" (also available on Kidssoup). The children have to figure out what part of the plant is missing on the picture, point at it and say the appropriate word out loud. A great way to get their little brains working and it is part of the Montessori 3 period lesson.

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