Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Discovery Garden - Part 2

OK. Next time I boast about our weather, please tell me to shush! Since I wrote Part 1 of my latest post "Our discovery garden", it has been rainy and windy and cold! Back to jumpers and cardigans.. Boo hooo!
However, I managed to get a few pictures in between showers. Today, the first thing I want to show you is this:

What is the idea behind these paving slates?  The kids can use them as a traditional hopscotch to hop on or they can draw on them with chalk, turning them into a big outdoor blackboard, letting their imagination go free! I used silicone to glue several of them together to make them bigger. I have another 4 of them drying in the shed but I wanted to show you what they look like. So I placed the dried ones on the ground for the photo... and you can see that it didn't take long for my son Stefan to put them to the test!!

What else? Bird nesting! We have visitors: blue tits right under the preschool roof!

This gave me an idea. I saw a camera nest box kit for sale in our local hardware shop. I asked my husband if he thought it would be possible to wire it  to the preschool. And voilĂ ! Job done. We placed the wooden nest in tree nearby and buried the cables. Once some birds have settled in the box, I will place a little TV set in the preschool and we will be able to learn more about birds and the way they build a home! I am so excited about this! Imagine how cool it will be to witness such a wonder of nature! I can't wait... Fingers crossed and this will work!

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  1. I love your paving slate idea. We have had incredibly windy days here too. Have a good week ahead!


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