Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seeds & Practical life exercises

As we will be talking a lot about seeds, plants and flowers over the next few weeks, I decided to change a few practical activities and to use seeds in our manipulation exercises. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing you haven't seen already. But I thought I would share:

This is a classification exercise. Yet I present this activity on our Practical Life shelves as it requires a lot of hand eye coordination and great dexterity when using the tongs.

Pouring exercise with  climbing pea seeds. The grasp requires hooking the fingers around the handles of the little jugs, adding to this small muscle exercise.

Spooning exercise with lentils (OK. Technically not seeds...but this will do!)

And when I am at it, I am also going to show you another activity I have introduced the kids to, even though this has absolutely nothing to do with our theme. I am delighted with it as it has turned out to be quite popular since we came back from our holidays:

Here,  when pinching the eye dropper, the child has to use his thumb, placed opposite to 2 fingers bringing him closer to a writing grasp and increasing fine motor muscle control. 

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