Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The magic of a bric-a-brac!

Last Sunday, we went to a field day at my children's primary school. You would be surprise at what you can find for less than a euro at the bric-a-brac. One man's rubbish is one man's treasure!

First, I got a bag with all  The Gruffalo's soft toys to re-enact the story with the children at circle time. Just for €2! What a bargain.

I just have to get the snake. It was missing. But still...

I also got these 2 little jugs for just €1. Great for my practical life area for pouring:

And I found these little blue decorative stones you place at the bottom of a vase or in a candle. I am using them for dexterity exercise. The children have to pick each one of them with a tong (good for the fine motor skills):


  1. Oh, I am terribly jealous! I love The Gruffalo, and it is not nearly as popular here in the US as it is in Europe. Also the US version has been altered and the rhythm is all wonky. I hate that! I think I need to pick up an extra version while I'm in your lovely country. I will also look for 2 Euro gruffalo sets, but I am sure I won't be as lucky as you were! : )

  2. I love great finds too : )
    I have trouble commenting with my google account..I don't know why??
    Thanks for sharing.



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