Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welcoming new friends!

Yesterday, we welcomed our 2 new friends: rabbit and rabbit! (sorry, they still have no name). They were in the classroom first, until we got the hutch this afternoon. They are so cute! The children are completely in love with them. It prompted them to ask questions about how we were going to care for them, what they eat. One little girl was very worried : "they might get cold at night time. We should give them blankets". We reassured her and told her that we were going to put straw in their hut to keep them warm and cosy. Others wanted to know if we could bring them on a walk. It was so interesting to see the children showing so much empathy and concern for these rabbits. Such a great addition to the preschool. No regret whatsoever.

I think the brown rabbit (a male) has been named Fudge! Any idea for the black little female rabbit?

Our dog Jake is very interested... but I wouldn't trust him. Neither do the rabbits!!

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  1. I am new to your site and found you while researching Montessori methods for my three year old. I am a full time student and I take her out of daycare for summers. I was looking for interesting pre-writing activities and you are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks so much!


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